Ally Bouchard Coaching

I’m Ally, Your New Women’s Health & Feminine Leadership Bestie

Somatic Mental Health & Feminine Embodiment Coach for woman who want to thrive (not just survive) in body, mind & spirit.

I help burnt out women in leadership (moms and caregivers, I’m talking to you too) relax, recharge & reconnect to themselves and their bodies so they can become better leaders & healers for themselves & future generations. Whether it’s at home, in the office, or with family and friends – we as women deserve to be thriving at our best without sacrificing our own needs or impact on the world.

Ready To Overcome Burnout & Embrace The Feminine Leader Within?

Here’s what I do:

Somatic Mental Health Coaching

Heal your mind by healing your body.

If traditional talk therapy, affirmations, and sheer willpower haven’t been working for you, it’s time to try somatic coaching. Somatic coaching works with your nervous system to help you emotionally regulate, release tension, and get back to living your life with power and peace.

Human Design

Learn about your energetic blueprint and use it’s knowledge to connect back to your body, intuition, and authentic way of moving through the world.

Feminine Leadership Coaching

Feel empowered to BE powerful!

You do not have to be a CEO or in a leadership position in your career for this program to apply (mothers and caregivers of all kinds, I’m talking to you!). Feminine Leadership is the process of stepping into the leader of your LIFE that naturally ripples to those around you. Reconnect to your body & embrace your Queen energy to lead yourself and others more powerfully.

“Having Ally as my coach feels like an honor. The amount of growth I have felt interpersonally in just 6 weeks is more than I have in years of therapy!”

6/2 Emotional Projector, Wife, Working Mom of 2 and Lover of High-Waisted Jeans

I help women in leadership embrace their power & feel fulfilled in work and home life

Once upon a time I was an Exercise Physiologist working in cardiac rehabs, doctor’s offices, and clinical fitness facilities. It was everything I wanted…until it wasn’t.

I had a deep passion for the human body and helping patients find inner power through healing. What I didn’t realize was how burnt out I was getting working in an industry that didn’t seem to value the stress and mental well-being of it’s providers.

The system was broken (and still is, as many of you know) and I felt completely out of integrity not living by the standards of health I was trying to teach my patients.

I noticed that a lot of my female clients were struggling with similar issues. They had achieved everything they had worked for but weren’t feeling whole. They were struggling with a lack of energy and mental exhaustion and the changes in nutrition and exercise being suggested to them weren’t driving the results they had hoped for.

It didn’t seem fair to me that in order to achieve greatness in our career, our health had to suffer. So, in an effort to improve my own health and fill a void for my patients, I started searching new ways to help women thrive in their bodies without sacrificing their achievements in work and home life.

That’s when I found my purpose…


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More Resources

CBT Model Workbook

Use this workbook to better understand your thoughts, emotions and behaviors and how they may be impacting your level of stress

Human Design Session

Deep dive into your Human Design chart. Receive a pre-recording, 90-minute session, and 1 week texting support for integration

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My Mission

Helping women heal their bodies and embrace their authenticity so they can nurture and lead themselves & future generations to greatness

the worst thing you can do is believe that you don’t have influence and your impact doesn’t matter. without realizing it you are leading every single day – stop being afraid to be yourself & start prioritizing your needs