Manifesting Magic: My Yule Journey of Intention and Reflection

by | Feb 10, 2024 | Personal

Most years, I set my intention with a word (this year is “celebration”), but this year was the first time I decided to participate in a Yule ritual as I look to expand my spiritual practice and honor the lost traditions of my ancestors. This blog post will not only outline the Yule celebration for you to practice on your own, but will give personal accounts of my experience and intentions.


What is Yule?


Yule is an ancient Germanic winter celebration centered around the winter solstice. It honors the final day of the descent into darkness and was incorporated to the Christmas celebrations during the Christianisation of the Germanic people. Now, it is often celebrated by modern-day pagans separate from the Christmas holiday. This year, I celebrated Yule with a ritual I learned call “12 magical nights”. This has been translated into the 12 days of Christmas, and depending on who you talk to can start on the day of the solstice or on Christmas Eve. Many old Yule traditions (the Yule log for example) are still celebrated in accordance with Christmas today.


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My 12 Magical Nights


I chose to start my 12 magical nights on December 21st, the winter solstice. On this night, I wrote down 13 wishes for the upcoming year. I kept them safe in a glass jar and each night I took one out to burn – sending it out with the intention of love, and surrendering it’s unfolding to the universe.

By the 12th night, I burned my last wish and had one wish remaining. This is the wish I was responsible for making come true throughout this next calendar year. Additionally, each night I pulled a tarot card to represent each month of the year and the wisdom it would hold for me (night one – Jan, night two – Feb, and so forth). By the end of the ritual I had a wish I was responsible for and an overview of my year ahead.

To my surprise, it was difficult to even come up with all 13 wishes. When I started writing I had this very young belief that they all had to be extravagant things (like wishing for a mansion or a convertible on your MASH game), but many of them turned out to be simple joys in life: “the health of my family”, “making deeper connections with other women in my community” – my simple wishes are not unlike many of the desires my clients have when they start working with me. This practice alone was eye opening for me as it showed me that while it’s more than ok to always be wishing and receiving more, I don’t need much to feel happy, satisfied, and fulfilled in this life. In fact, I’m not sure we can manifest more for ourselves if we don’t first feel satisfied in the now – with the little things.

My Wish & Tarot Cards for 2024


As I neared the end of the ritual, I was becoming more and more nervous about the wish I was responsible for. And then I thought to myself “well, isn’t this the point?” We need to make sure we are challenging ourselves and taking ownership of our dreams – and sometimes that’s really fucking scary.

My Wish:

I wish to expand and trust my intuitive skills

“Phew!” A breath of fresh air…I felt this was attainable. Not only was it attainable, but I had already been drawn to expanding my intuitive skillset for the past month (hence desiring to do a ritual like this). I felt good about comitting a deeper practice to this.

Tarot Cards:

Deck: Pulp Girls Tarot Deck

JanuaryPulp Girls Tarot Eight of Pentacles

February MarchPulp Girls Tarot Page of Wands

AprilPulp Girls Tarot The Hermit

MayPulp Girls Tarot Ten of Wands JunePulp Girls Tarot Nine of Pentacles

JulyPulp Girls Tarot Two of Cups

AugustPulp Girls Tarot Nine of Pentacles SeptemberPulp Girls Tarot Knight of Pentacles

OctoberPulp Girls Tarot Three of Pentacles

NovemberPulp Girls Tarot Wheel of Fortune DecemberPulp Girls Tarot Four of Swords


If I were to sum up the overall feel of the year my tarot cards were representing it would be one of growth – which makes sense. My husband and I completed our family in 2023 and I feel now that the chapter of baby-making is finally over, I have time to expand in the areas of self and business. Lots of hard work, planning, collaboration, and reflection on the way for me in 2024.


First Month of 2024


The expansion I feel after just one month of committing to growing and trusting my intuition is astounding. I’ve taken more action towards my dreams, am feeling more connected to my purpose and those around me, and have blown myself away with the accuracy of certain insights.

My main tool for intuitive practice in continuing to grow my understanding and ability to read tarot for myself or others (if you would like a reading, click here – all donation based).

For example, I got an intuitive hit that I needed to reach out and find other women – moms specifically – that I could network with, but I was looking for a mid-day event and couldn’t seem to find any. After reaching out in my local Facebook mom group, the idea to create a group and spearhead this event myself just kind of snowballed. I checked in with my tarot cards on the energy of this idea and I got the Ace of Wands. This card symbolizes the spark of new passions and is a sign to follow this urge and use the momentum to my advantage. It feels scary, but that’s the point. Growth and expansion feels a bit uncomfortable – but this goal is specifically to surrender to my intuition and know it won’t lead me in the wrong direction.

It’s been an ongoing process to even hear and understand my intuition, and if you are struggling feel free to book a discovery session with me or download my free resource on how to use your Human Design Authority to make better decisions (your authority is your intuition).


The craziest moment so far was when I got a really strong intuitive tingle at the end of the month about winning a raffle in a group where I’m a member. The one other time I remember my intuition hitting me this strongly was when I knew I was going to be called upon for a free coaching session with a mentor coach of mine. It’s so hard to explain how the intuition feels for these moments but I’ll try: it presents as a very strong inner knowing with a rather loud voice telling me the outcome. In the case of the coaching session, I woke up hearing “take a shower, you are going to be picked and will be on camera” haha! For the raffle recently, I heard “yep, you are going to win – keep doing what you are doing”.

Now don’t get me wrong, trusting my intuition isn’t always about situations where it mimics winning the lotto, but when you do follow your intuition regularly it actually starts to feel like your life is just one big jackpot. Things fall into place effortlessly. This alone can feel scary and overwhelming if you have been operating under the belief that you have to control everything in order to achieve your desires or feel that hardship is required. This can easily result in self-sabotaging patterns, which is why I’m using my skills of challenging my mindset and nervous system regulation to stay grounded and progressing forward.


What is your goal for 2024? 

Have you set an intention for 2024? A word, a goal, or a wish even? How much effort are you putting torwards making it happen vs surrendering it to the universe?

If you haven’t done anything yet, it’s not too late. In fact, Jan – March is more a ruminating phase anyway. We are in winter – a reflective and slow time. It’s time for you to be thoughtful and pensive for when Spring comes (Aries season to be exact). That is when the planetary energy will be behind you for making great change. However, it’s a struggle to create change without first understanding your intention. What do you want to change? Why do you want to change it? What will your life look like when this happens? This is what the winter months are all about – sinking into that awareness and feeling into the actions you need to take.

Setting Your Intention

Allow yourself some time to yourself in a space that feels inviting and soothing. Maybe it’s meditation with music, maybe it’s journaling or doing yoga. Take some time here for yourself. 

When in your space, take a few deep breaths and ground your energy into your pelvis. Feel connected to the earth. From there, imagine golden light slowly rising from your pelvis, up your spine through the crown of your head.

Now, ask yourself: What do you need this year?

Try to come up with a word or a phrase that resonates. From there, ask yourself what you can do to create this experience for yourself, and ask the universe to supply you with the rest. 

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