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I’m so glad you are here –

If you are struggling to balance your ambition with your health and home life; feeling exhausted from seemingly holding the world on your shoulders; overstimulated, overwhelmed, and constantly desiring control of your life but never feeling like you have it… you’re in the right place.


I’ve worked with many women who were in exactly your spot. They felt pulled in different directions and exhausted by the internal conflict of where their attention should go.

In fact, I’ve been there too. You have too much on your plate and don’t know how to take care of everything all at once. 

I get it – you are needed by so many but you have needs that matter too. But how could you possibly be selfish enough to abandon everything for the sake of your own needs?! 

Here’s a secret though:

That’s not how this works

You deserve energy, fulfillment, and joy too! And all of that is possible without abandoning your responsibilities or leaving your loved ones behind. I’ve helped many other women find the balance that works for them, and I can help you too!

Check it out…

How It Works

First This

We review your goals and understand your current challenges. We get to the root cause in mind and body and start to build a roadmap forward. Then, we start building a foundation by understanding your current energetic capacity so we can adequately design a plan that is unique to you and your needs

Then This

Using our roadmap, we utilize specific feminine health information as well as nervous system regulation tools and time management tactics to heal and support your overwhelmed mind and body in taking action to establish improved routines and practices for a sustainable path forward

Then This

We start integrating these new skill sets into your life and build a system that aligns with your long-term vision for health and success. The goal of this system is to adequately support the ebb and flow of your energetic capacity, as well as your ongoing physical, emotional, mental & spiritual needs

I am a master at recognizing behavior patterns

By knowing where you’ve come from and where you desire to go, I easily identify what’s keeping you stuck and the exact path to take to reach your highest potential

What it’s like working with me…

My clients can expect an approach to coaching that is loving and honest, yet direct and penetrating. We quickly strip away the illusions of the mind to get us to the root of the issue, fast. My work does not shy away from helping you face what isn’t working. My natural talents lie in being able to clearly see what is keeping you stuck and knowing the exact path you need to take to change that. My clients are READY to feel deeply seen in order to create the life of their dreams. If you want to face the truth of who you are – the good, the bad, and the deeply vulnerable, I’m your girl.


During our work together, I reconnect you to your body by use of somatic healing, nervous system regulation and emotional management tools so you can more clearly understand and support the needs of your body to avoid burnout again the future. I’m equally on the lookout for any thoughts or beliefs that are keeping you in inaction and together we rewire your brain to your desired reality. In the end, you will feel so deeply connected to yourself – mind, body, and soul – and able to live a more balanced life. My clients constantly tell me that they cannot fathom how they lived their life prior to uncovering this knowledge and deep self-knowingness.

As needed or by request, I also work with each client’s human design. Human design is a beautiful combination of ancient spiritual teachings and quantum physics. Working with your human design is a great tool to guide you in understanding your energetic body and unique intuition. You can get started with your human design by getting your chart here, and downloading my free guide to making better decisions based on your human design authority. Or, invest in my 45-page workbook on how to read your human design chart.

The missing piece to your success…

Understanding your trauma & nervous system

Traumatic experiences of your past live in your body, and some of them may still be running the show years after they’ve occurred.

These traumatic experiences do not need to be major events like sexual assault, near death experiences, or natural disasters. Trauma is also living through a divorce, not feeling accepted by your peers, pressure for good grades, and more.

Your body & mind are always on alert to protect you and keep you safe. However, the tactics that kept you safe from these traumas years ago may be inhibiting you now.

Getting to the “root cause” is about understanding your body’s response to certain situations that are keeping you stuck, and working with your body and nervous system to close the old trauma cycle and build a new internal reality.

Ever wonder why willpower and affirmations just don’t work for you? This is why. And if your nervous system hasn’t been in alignment with these affirmations but you’ve been pushing yourself anyways, that can result in increased stress in your body leading to burnout.

Your body has a wisdom that you have become disconnected from – either because of trauma, or society conditioning you to value logic over intuition and feeling.

You cannot think or will your way to a new life – you have to feel your way to it.

“To know your body is to know yourself. We receive so many messages through our bodies that we deny or ignore due to trauma or preconceived notions of how we should be. My work with you will reconnect you to your body and dismantle these notions to allow for your true, powerful self to emerge and lead.”

– Ally Bouchard

This is a good fit for you if…

  • You are ready to get radically honest with yourself and face your fears, triggers, and shadows

  • You are willing to invest your time and money into radical change for the betterment of your life and those around you

  • You acknowledge that you will have to step out of your comfort zone and do things differently to achieve the new life you desire

  • You want to experience more pleasure, playfulness, and ease

  • You understand that there is nuance to everything and are open to explore possibilities around how your desired life comes to be 

  • You are a little bit “woo” and want to work with spirituality and energetics to connect back to yourself

  • You want to experience the fullness and the truth of who you really are and what you desire

  • You are ready to receive MY radical honesty and respond with YOUR radical honesty so we make a powerful team championing your growth

“Having Ally as my coach feels like an honor. The amount of growth I have felt interpersonally in just 6 weeks is more than I have in years of therapy!”


Do you want to feel better?

What past clients have overcome…
  • Burn out and feeling “not enough”
  • Overwhelm from life responsibilities
  • Feeling disconnected from yourself and not knowing who you are or what you want
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Inability to communicate or feel heard at home and at work
  • Creative blocks
  • Lack of boundaries with family and co-workers
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Anxiety & Depression
  • Intense emotional responses to seemingly little problems
  • People pleasing tendencies
  • Body image issues
  • Poor relationship with and management of food, exercise & physical health
  • Insomnia and sleep troubles
  • Addiction to work and chaos
  • Postpartum anxiety, depression, and stress of new parenting
  • Scarcity mindset…and so much more

Private Coaching Packages

Learning how to use the Cognitive behavioral therapy model

Intensive Coaching Package

Private 1:1 coaching with me for 12 weeks to heal mind & body, overcome stressful obstacles, create the life you desire & lead yourself and others from a place of power and peace

Included (Investment: $2K (payment plans available by request)):

  • 12 weekly 60-minute private coaching sessions with me
  • Unlimited texting support throughout the course of our work together
  • Resources to help support your growth

Mini Coaching Package

Need just a little boost? This mini coaching package is great to get started with tangible steps to healing and creating a more balanced life in just 1 month

Included (Investment: $333)

  • 2 bi-weekly 60-minute coaching sessions with me
  • Texting support for 1 full month
  • Option to roll-over into intensive coaching package if desired upon completion

Having Ally as my coach feels like an honor. The amount of growth I felt interpersonally in just 6 weeks was more than I had in years of therapy. I learned to reconnect with my truest self and honor my emotions. Learning about Human Design was like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I have learned to have grace with myself and communicate my needs in all areas of my life. Anyone looking to meet themselves in a deep and passionate way, would be lucky to work with Ally.

-Lauren, Nurse Practitioner & Health Coach

My work with Ally has been tremendous. I started with Ally feeling a bit depressed, lethargic, and footy-brained. She allowed me to think more positively about my body, life, and journey through health and has taught me how to listen to my body and not overwork myself. She has a way of getting you to think differently and positively about the journey you are on and the potential she sees in you. She is a very genuine and warm person to work with and made my health transition easy.

-Aisha, Clinical Assistant University Professor

Ally is extremely knowledgeable, personable and kind. She created a warm and safe space to bring up questions, but also cut to the chase– no BS approach yet also empathetic!

I was really curious to know more about my human design as I felt a little overwhelmed by it all, but wanted to learn about my specific chart in a reading. I knew Ally had a lot of knowledge on the subject and could feel her passion for it, so I fully trusted her to share her knowledge with me and help me understand my chart. I went from knowing “just enough” and feeling overwhelmed by it all to knowing what certain parts of my chart meant and who I am in terms of Human Design. It helped not only make past experiences make so much sense, but also will helped me moving forward in both business and life. To have an understanding of one’s own self is a powerful & essential tool– Ally totally helped me get there!

-Kelly, Business Coach

I can honestly say my work with Ally has been life changing. As a former beauty pageant contestant I struggled for half my life with yo-yo dieting, obsessing over food, and criticizing my body. As a result, I was missing out on the simple pleasures in life for fear of gaining weight. Now, I finally feel freedom when it comes to how I view food. I no longer obsesses over carbs and calories and know how to choose foods that nourish and fuel my body. I am forever grateful for her and this program for giving me the opportunity to know how to love myself again.

-Jean, Dental Hygienist

Entering the call I felt excited to learn more about techniques to better understand myself through the lens of Human Design. I left the call with a new found confidence in myself!

I felt so seen after my session with Ally. Having the opportunity to learn about my “not self” has helped me navigate my decision making process. I’m a very action driven person so I love the fact that I can actually experiment with my Human Design and see the results. Ally did so much research on my specific Human Design and really listened to my questions to base our session around providing me clarity around them. I felt so safe and supported by her coaching style.

-Shawnell, Career Coach

I am so happy about my experience with Ally. I felt like I was facing a giant challenge impossible to overcome. Ally has helped me view health differently, and made me realize the control I have in my body and my health. Ally has been extremely understanding, truthful, and free of judgement. I have never been so honest with myself, in control of my life, and ready to succeed than I am now.

-Elizabeth, Retail Store Manager

I have done therapy for years and this is the first time I feel like I’m really learning and growing in this process. I love Ally. She is extremely knowledgable and helped me heal in a way I never have before.

-Libby, Project Manager

As a coach, Ally made it easy to open up and communicate. I feel like I not only had a coach but a friend. I tried for many years to make changes to my health on my own but working with Ally as my coach helped me achieve my long-standing goals and gain the confidence I was lacking not only in my body, but in life. I made the decision to invest in myself and a coach and I have never regretted it. I am a better person today because of  this work.

-Karen, Entrepreneur

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